RAYDIAM is the brand name of a highly successful company that has been doing business since November 2009. It is a member of The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre. Founded by Jamal Joseph Hamed, a passionate believer in innovative thinking, strong leadership and attention to fine detail, RAYDIAM continues to demonstrate a professionalism that ranks it among the leading players in the diamond trade. As a result of its enviable success, Raydiam is proud to say that it is now the largest importer/exporter of Rough Diamonds in the UAE.
At RAYDIAM, we are driven by a "Win & let Win" belief, which has been key to giving us the sort of competitive advantage that has appealed to diamond traders from all over the world. We are renowned far and wide for our exquisite selection of Diamonds which provide our clients with an increased ratio of quality to yield that results in greater margins for them. Soon our philosophy became out competitive advantage that appealed to diamond traders from all over the world. Just as important, we are also able to ensure availability of goods in all varieties and carats throughout the year thanks to our well-established relationships with partners, including diamond mine decision makers.


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Tel: + 32 3 232 69 39

Fax: + 32 3 232 69 40

Email: anastasiahamed@raydiam.com

ADC Building
Office 227, Hovenierstraat 2
Antwerp, Belgium

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