We Are the Global Leaders in Diamond Trading offering Accuracy, Transparency and Unmatched Figures for Our Diamond-Valuation Process.


Conflict free diamond traders of rough and polished diamonds.


Raydiam began its journey in the year 2008 in Antwerp, Belgium, and in 2012, expanded the business in the Middle East Market by establishing a branch in Dubai, UAE. Our specialty isn’t just limited to diamonds imported from Zimbabwe, South Africa and other Eastern parts of Africa. We offer a professional and methodical approach to valuation and trading with hands-on market experience internationally.

Raydiam thrives under the leadership of Jamal Joseph Hamed—a progressive visionary with 15+ years of experience in the diamond trading sector. With deep roots in Sierra Leone, Belgium and Zimbabwe, Jamal has outshined the trading of rough as well as polished diamonds, nurturing the needs of prospects in the UAE and Middle East market.

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Our business process starts from buying diamonds from mines, participating through tenders and auctions. We also have our viewing rooms where clients/experts can analyze and discuss the specifics of the diamonds they need.

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We deal in rough diamonds—diamonds that are completely untouched by a polishing wheel. They typically enter the market in a large, sealed parcel from one particular mining company.

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We manufacture polished diamonds from Melee and above from IF to SI2 that mainly focus on four C’s: cut, clarity, color and carat weight. We make a wide variety of fancy shapes.

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At Raydiam, manufactured polished stones with the finest quality are pre-assorted and pre-sized according to our client's requirements.